Medali Fields 1966

Penghargaan Medali Fields tahun 1966 diberikan kepada :

Michael Francis ATIYAH (Inggiris)
(Oxford University) -

Topik Penelitian: with Hirzebruch in K-theory; proved jointly with Singer the index theorem of elliptic operators on complex manifolds; worked in collaboration with Bott to prove a fixed point theorem related to the "Lefschetz formula".

Paul Joseph COHEN (Amerika Serikat)
(Stanford University) -

Topik Penelitian: Used technique called "forcing" to prove the independence in set theory of the axiom of choice and of the generalized continuum hypothesis. The latter problem was the first of Hilbert's problems of the 1900 Congress.

Alexander GROTHENDIECK (Perancis)
(University of Paris) -

Topik Penelitian: Built on work of Weil and Zariski and effected fundamental advances in algebraic geometry. He introduced the idea of K-theory (the Grothendieck groups and rings). Revolutionized homological algebra in his celebrated "Tohoku paper".

Stephen SMALE
(Amerika Serikat)
(University of California, Berkeley)

Topik Penelitian: Worked in differential topology where he proved the generalized Poincaré conjecture in dimension n>=5: Every closed, n-dimensional manifold homotopy-equivalent to the n-dimensional sphere is homeomorphic to it. Introduced the method of handle-bodies to solve this and related problems.

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